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There is a direct relationship between customer service and success especially in admisions, enrollment, retention,and budgets. Since 1999, MAPS has been assisting over 260 colleges, universities and career colleges in the Us, Canada and Euriope as well as higher education-related businesses to increase their success with customer service research, assessment and solutions

Today’s college students expect and demand a higher level of service creating new demands on academia if colleges are to succeed in enrollment, retention and learning.

N. Raisman & Associates is the consulting group that literally wrote the book on customer service in and for higher education.The Power of Retention and Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education by Dr. Neal Raisman,president of N. Raisman & Associates, are the best selling books ever on the topic. .Decades of experience in faculty and administrative positions make certain that our programs succeed on campus.


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The folow-up book to the best seller Embrace the Oxymoron by Dr. Neal A. Raisman, President of N. Raisman & Associates